East Central/Select Sires Store

Our Mission

To enhance our members way of life now and in the future by aggressively pursuing excellence from the people, products, and programs of the cooperative while maintaining a sufficient margin.

We Value

  • Responsiveness to customer needs
  • Highly trained, professional personnel
  • High quality at a fair price
  • Industry leadership
  • Product and service innovation
  • Commitment to research
  • Good stewardship of assets
  • Continuous improvement
  • Integrity in everything we do

Get Your East Central/Select Sires
Apparel Here!

When we combine our mission & core values with our employee's dedication, responsibility and commitment, the picture of East Central/Select Sires becomes very clear. It is our employees working carefully, professionally and with great integrity.

Our actions, words and appearance represent East Central/Select Sires. We have a responsibility to ourselves, to our members and to our customers to provide the best possible product and customer service. Wearing an East Central/Select Sires uniform is saying we are professional and we are proud to work for our corporation.

In an effort to enhance and streamline our uniform program, we have contracted with Lake Prairie Marketing Group who offers options that reflect high quality and professionalism. The uniform program is an investment in our service package, an investment in you and an investment in our future.

All employees are provided with an annual dollar
allotment for apparel.

Our Commitment to You

In establishing this apparel webstore, our desires are to make your shopping experience convenient and secure. We are committed to providing you with the clothing you want at competitive prices. Please forward any comments or suggestions in how we can better service you to Dori Lichty.

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